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My Academy’s Special Place, the final game in the Special Place trilogy, has been published by Sekai Project on Steam and Denpasoft.

Developed by feng, My Academy’s Special Place is the third game in the Special Place trilogy, after My Girlfriend’s Special Place and My Little Sister’s Special Place. In each game, players assume the role of Nase Youhei, but the girls you spend time with will always be different between games. My Academy’s Special Place follows two love interests: Yaeka, Youhei’s big sister and homeroom teacher, and Maika, a half-Japanese exchange student that loves Akihabara.

Youhei is currently happy with how his life is going. His big sister, Yaeko, has two sides to her: at school, she's a competent teacher popular with all of the students, but at home, she gets drunk and doesn’t even bother to clean up after herself. After school, his friend Maika would invite him out to Akiba, walking around with a grilled squid skewer in one hand and a bag of doujinshi in the other. Youhei wouldn’t mind if these days could go on forever, but his world eventually comes crashing down when he finds out that Maika suddenly has to return to her home country.

With the "Academy's Special Place" as the stage, two love stories are about to begin.

This is the third and final game in the series!


- Art by Ryohka

- Fully-voiced (except the MC)

- Text available in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese

- CG Gallery Mode available

You can purchase My Academy’s Special Place on sale from Steam and Denpasoft for $13.49. After December 22nd, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $14.99. If you plan on buying the game from Steam, don’t forget to download the 18+ DLC.

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