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Sequel to Flexible Media’s point-and-click island adventure game, Paradise Lust 2 is now available in Steam Early Access.

Paradise Lust 2 is an adventure game with erotic romance and puzzle solving. The story continues where the previous game, Paradise Lust, left off. After getting rescued from Tuvatuva Island, the protagonist Jack Plumber returns as the owner to establish an island resort. Spend more time with some of your favorite girls from the last game and get to know the girls who have just arrived. As the owner, you will be flirting with each girl and helping her fulfill her dreams on this tropical island.

If you have Paradise Lust, your save data from that game can be carried over to the sequel. Paradise Lust 2 provides an optional summary of the ending from the last game in case you need to remember what happened. Activities on the island take the form of minigames and puzzles. You’ll be able to catch fish, cook meals, film porn, snorkel in the ocean, and more with the gorgeous women. The minigames can range from simple to complex. Some examples include swapping puzzles, painting images, and searching for objects.

Flexible Media plans for Paradise Lust 2 to be in early access through 2024 and will increase the price once it is completely released. As of right now the game has three-to-five hours of content and sex scenes, but the finished product should have around twenty hours of content.

The Adventure Continues

Return to Tuvatuva Island! Paradise Lust 2 continues the story of Jack Plumber, hapless bartender-turned-island owner, as he helps the girls fulfill their dreams in paradise in a unique blend of visual novel, dating sim, and adventure game.

More Girls Means More Romance

You’ll expand your relationships with the girls of Paradise Lust, and meet new girls as well, as you help them build their dreams in a paradise of your own creation. There will be flirting, chatting, filming, cooking, long walks on sunset beaches, and a host of other new relaxing activities to enjoy.

Hot Times in the Tropics

You’ll not only expand and deepen your relationships with the crew of Paradise Lust, you’ll meet new girls from Japan, Brazil, Singapore, and other exotic locales. They all have their own dreams, desires, and reasons for coming to Tuva Tuva. Learning their secrets and stories opens up dozens of all new animated sex scenes and cartoons

Puzzles and Subgames

The story includes all kinds of various subgames that advance the story Some are simple, and others more complex. You’ll catch fish, cook food, film porn, shoot photos, sail boats, snorkel in the sea, and more. And all with a crew of beautiful women!

You can purchase Paradise Lust 2 in early access on sale for $11.99 on Steam. After December 15th, the sale will end and the game will return to its regular price of $14.99. If you don’t own the first game already, you can also buy Paradise Lust on sale for $10.49 until December 16th.

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