Clean up for the next guy

Succulust, a point-and-click adventure game about becoming a henchman to the queen of the underworld, is now available on Steam.

Succulust is a casual adventure game, in which players take the role of a goat man who was kicked out of the land of Eroria for being too perverted. Their kingdom only welcomes those they consider to be pure; anyone lustful or who engages in erotic behavior will either be exiled or taken to the Realm of Light to be cleansed of their impurities.

While looking for shelter for the night, you come across a castle and let yourself in, only to be ambushed by a succubus named Maea. She forces herself on you to weaken your body, only to find that your libido never exhausted through it all. Even when she tried again, your dick never softened. Impressed by your stamina, Maea brings you to Eliza, the queen of the underworld, where she recruits you to help her defeat the forces that oppose her.

The gameplay in Succulust involves completing tasks for the queen, recruiting more allies into the side of corruption, and gradually building a harem. After completing an event, players will be able to go to each girl’s room to talk with her, change her outfit, and have sex with her. More outfits can be unlocked by doing favors for some of the girls. Additionally, certain H-scenes give players the option to customize what the girl wears and what actions you can take. Depending on the scene, you can make her wear BDSM gear, nipple clamps, or even adjust the speed of the scene.

Amass a harem of cute fantasy girls

- You have been charged by Eliza the Queen of the underworld to amass a force of hot babes to help you defeat those pesky forces of light.

- Meet and interact with various types girls, from big-breasted goblin girls to feline cute cat girls.

Animated sceness

- Hand drawn animated 2d H-scenes

Go on adventures

- Travel to various places, solving puzzles and interacting with characters.


- Contains: BDSM, Oral, Anal, Group sex and more!

You can purchase Succulust on sale from Steam for $8.09. After December 11th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $8.99. There is also an early build demo available on

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