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Playmeow Games has published R's 2D horror survival eroge, Parasitic Evil, on Steam.

In R’s action adventure Parasitic Evil a disaster that caused mutations in most people has taken over the world. You and your companion Yunxin are trapped inside a hospital that was used for strange experiments, and are currently pursued by mutated patients that have lost their sanity. As you spend time in the hospital, you can feel your mind and body degrading. Could the hospital be causing this? You must escape with Yunxin quickly or else the two of you might end up just mutated like the others.

In the game, you will have to rely on items and instincts to survive. When monsters are lurking about, you can find a place to hide, conceal your movements to throw them off, or shoot them with a gun. Plan your next move wisely and don’t waste supplies needlessly. Along the way, you will encounter puzzles, locked rooms, and information that will reveal the truth behind the mutations and what happened at this hospital. The erotic scenes are interactable and have a variety of content. Click on the actions you want to take and enjoy the scenes at your own pace.

◆Game Features and Gameplay

Evil Spirit Parasitism is a 2D side-scrolling action game, where your survival relies on utilizing various items at hand. Listen keenly to avoid monsters, conceal your tracks, or bravely fight with the available weapons.

As you encounter diverse mysteries within the hospital, you must seek the truth behind the events and find a way to escape.

The game employs fully dynamic CG production, featuring character illustrations and a variety of erotic or obscene events as content. With increasing experience, more events and dialog will unlock.

You can purchase Parasitic Evil on sale from Steam for $8.49. After December 12th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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