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Action RPG SwordsGirl Harumi Now Available on Steam and

SwordsGirl Harumi, a 2D fantasy action RPG by JY ACTION, has been released on Steam and

SwordsGirl Harumi is a fantasy action RPG with a cross between an eastern and medieval aesthetic. Players take the role of the titular Harumi, a swords-maiden who lives in a small village, protecting it from all manner of dangers. Thus far, her efforts alone were enough to keep everyone safe, up until one night, when a massive number of monsters encroached on the town. These warped monstrosities were unlike any she had encountered before. While she managed to repel the attack successfully, the creatures started appearing in the surrounding areas more frequently.

Harumi learns from a mysterious wizard that the appearance of these creatures signals that a demon has appeared somewhere in these lands. To save everyone, she embarks on a quest to the Abyss Dark Hollow, in hopes of vanquishing the foul creature. Along the way, she's also tasked with retrieving the kingdom's kidnapped prince.

SwordsGirl Harumi contains a set of 2D side-scrolling stages. The heroine can dash and jump around the level while attacking monsters with chained sword slashes and combos, as well as utilizing two cooldown-based skills. If any monsters manage to hit her, they will tear off Harumi’s clothing and knock her down. If she’s both nude and grounded, monsters are likely to grab and rape her, leading to a sprite animation of the act that deals significant damage.

The player’s task is to simply beat all stages while leveling up and using found resources to purchase new weapons. Any accumulated coins can be spent to purchase various bombs, throwing daggers, kunai or shurikens, providing players with additional options in combat.

SwordsGirl Harumi is now available on Steam and for $2.99.

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