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Succ-Ciety, an action game developed by Katsis, is now available to play for free on

Succ-Ciety is a small action game about a young woman named Nova, who became a succubus. Having been suddenly transformed, she’s warned by the spirit in her womb tattoo that she’ll have to have collect sexual energy every night to survive in her new form.

Helping Nova navigate her new life, players get to explore the city she lived in, fighting various horny spirits and seeking suitable partners. Nova can move and dash around, perform ranged attacks, and charm enemies to fight on her side for a short time. Her opponents will guard the streets, attacking her on-sight with melee attacks and long-ranged spells. Defeating them yields energy, which Nova can spend at her home to increase her stats. Dying before making it back home causes Nova to lose half of the energy looted since her last visit home.

Various erotic encounters can be found throughout the city, present within houses marked by a list of requirements. By visiting the houses with enough energy and specific perks, Nova can take part in a narrated event, depicting her short erotic excursion. The fetishes featured in Succ-Ciety include kemonomimi characters, tentacles, pregnancy, and futanari, among others.

What is this game?!

A 2.5D entry to the Lewdie Jam 2023! In this game you play as Nova, a normal girl who got turned into a succubus overnight, her womb tattoo speaks to her letting her know that in order to survive the night she must have sex... But to get to her victims she must go through hoards of succubus turned into darkness who did not get enough cum to survive!... There is a secret surprise to whoever collects all the Fractal tokens and interact with the manhole by the center of the city.... ;)

Kinks Included!!

Contains the following fetishes: Pregnancy, Futanari, Tentacles, Hyper Breasts, Vanilla.

Succ-Ciety is now available for free on

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