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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy, a sci-fi adventure game by Pink Tea, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy is a sci-fi drama about revenge. The protagonist is a renowned slave lord: a member of an organization specialized in training women into obedient slaves across the galaxy. One night, he’s awakened by his slave to see his homeland ravaged by fire. The Sisterhood, an organization fighting for the freedom of women, decided to cleanse the Slave Lord’s organization and has successfully slain everyone—except for the protagonist.

Having lost much of his wealth, the slaver escapes on his ship to a remote world at the edge of the galaxy. There, he’s forced to offer his skills to a criminal organization known as the Black Order, further involving him with galactic politics. From there begins his new climb toward fame, wealth, influence, and revenge.

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy is an RPG adventure, featuring quests, dialogue choices, numerous minigames, and a slave management system. During his quest, the protagonist will come to house multiple slaves on his ship. The game tasks the player with keeping them fed and motivated, while working to increase their trust and obedience, as well as sexual expertise. The story will progress as slaves become more capable in their role, as well as through the completion of crucial story quests, which often require exploring specific areas.

Play as a Slave Trainer in this sci-fi fantasy. Explore your darkest desires; bondage, sub/dom relationships and BDSM themes.

- Choose how to train your slave

- Go on sexual adventures across the galaxy

Meet and get intimate with several female characters along the way.

- All H-scenes animated and interactive

Tons of sex scenes and various fetishes

- Multiple routes

Point-and-click visual novel style gameplay

Alternatively unlock everything with the cheat and just enjoy the sex

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $4.79 until December 7th, at which point it will cost $5.99. The original Flash version of the game is available for free on Newgrounds and Itch.io.

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