Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

MonsterBox has published visual novel trilogy Late Night Delivery: The Bewitched Collection on Steam.

Late Night Delivery: The Bewitched Collection, is a collection of three Halloween-themed visual novels where succubi try to lure delivery drivers to their house. This collection contains the first and second chapter of Late Night Delivery along with a special chapter that adds a twist to the plot and expands upon it. The basic premise of these visual novels is that succubi invite innocent delivery drivers to their home in the woods to feed on their life force. They trap their prey, drug them, and have sex with them until they’re dead.

The first chapter showcases the first succubus of the series, Moira, a big breasted woman with a calculating personality. When a pizza delivery guy’s car breaks down, he follows the scent of pumpkin pie and finds a house. Moira invites him inside under the guise of helping him, but she wants to help herself to a delicious meal instead.

The second chapter, Late Night Delivery 2: Pandemommyum, is a continuation of the last one. Many years have passed and Moira now has a mischievous daughter named Linda. They lure a VCR repairman to their home and drug him so that Moira can teach Linda how to feed on men.

The third chapter follows a different pizza guy from the first game. He is making a delivery to a consistent customer with a nasty attitude that orders multiple pizzas every week. When his car breaks down, he has no choice but to ask her for help, but he finds out her secret in the process.

Step into the sinister world of "Late Night Delivery: The Bewitched Collection," a collection of 3 chapters of a story that will set your heart racing and send shivers down your spine. In this Halloween-themed story, you find yourself trapped by malevolent witches and thrust into a nightmarish world of danger and pleasure.

With 17 CG artworks spanning two sex scenes in each game, "Late Night Delivery: The Bewitched Collection" weaves together terror, tension, and tantalizing visuals. Learn more about the witches and their past, as you risk multiple endings that branch off into freedom or domination.

Sporting an overhauled engine, this collection will allow you to play through Late Night Delivery 1, 2, and an exclusive new third chapter that pulls a twist on the plot and expands the story further.

You can purchase Late Night Delivery: The Bewitched Collection on sale from Steam for $3.59. After December 8th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $3.99. There is also a demo that gives you an introduction into all three chapters.

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