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Cronie the Assassin’s Mission ~ The Teddy Bear Payment, nikukyu's fast-paced RPG Maker game, is now available on Steam.

Cronie the Assassin’s Mission ~ The Teddy Bear Payment, developed by nikukyu and published by 072 Project, is an RPG in which an assassin accepts a mission for an unnatural payment. The heroine, Cronie, belongs to an assassination guild that kills for money. One request was made by an orphan girl, whose parents and siblings were killed by a group of bandits. She wanted to avenge her family, but since she had no money, nobody was willing to accept her request. Cronie sympathized with the girl and asked what else she could offer besides money. The girl presents her with a well-kept teddy bear, claiming that it was her greatest treasure. Cronie takes the doll, accepting the young girl's request.

In this RPG, players have two ways of handling enemies: fighting them head on in a turn-based battle or killing them quickly when their backs are turned. As an assassin, you should not be seen or leave any witnesses alive. When infiltrating the bandits’ stronghold, you will be confronted by various arrow traps and looping passageways; the only way to progress further is to solve memory puzzles, which will destroy the infinite loops. H-scenes are triggered when Cronie is caught by the bandits, and will change depending on the type of enemy that captured Cronie. Additionally, if you want to rewatch those scenes, they can be viewed in in the game's Memory Mode.

- Choose your preferred style.Whether it's assassinating enemies stealthily from behind or facing them head-on, it's all about reducing witness sightings.'As long as there are no witnesses, it's considered an assassination!!'

- Unique and challenging mechanisms await you.From classic arrow traps that trigger infinite loops if triggered incorrectly to the distinctive portal maze that tests your memory!

- Randomized treasure chest contents.Each time you open a chest, it's a different surprise.Even the same chest on the same map will yield different items, giving you that thrill of the draw!

- Short and straightforward gameplay.Designed to fit the fast-paced lives of modern players, there's no lengthy plot or elaborate world-building.You can breeze through levels quickly, and there's no need for replaying to unlock everything—clear it once, and it's all unlocked!"

You can purchase Cronie the Assassin’s Mission ~ Teddy Bear Payment on sale from Steam for $6.79. After December 8th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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