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Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation and Hiiragi’s Special Lesson, two titles by Blue Arrow Garden, have been released on Denpasoft and JAST USA.

Denpasoft published two more of Blue Arrow Garden’s 3DCG animated games: Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation and Hiiragi’s Special Lesson. In these titles, you are able to interact with the girls by choosing what sexual position and acts to do.

The first game, Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation, is an eroge with eighty different cuts of animations. Players step into the role of Chinatsu’s perverted big brother. She's well aware of how you look at her, so she challenges you to a game of beach volleyball, in which the loser is forced to obey all of the winner's demands. Chinatsu notices the obvious bulge in your pants, immediately understanding exactly what's on your mind. When Chinatsu wins the game, she demands that you be the one to give her her first kiss. She teases you about getting turned on by your little sister, and from there, starts to escalate the situation even further.

Hiiragi’s Special Lesson takes place after the events of Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation. The main heroine of this game is Hiiragi, an underclassman who has a crush on you. She keeps trying to confess her feelings to you, but no matter how hard she tries, her feelings are never requited. One day after school, she peeks into a classroom and sees you and Chinatsu having sex. She couldn’t believe that you were doing such things with your sister, when she was the one that loved you.

The next day, Hiiragi meets up with you in a classroom to tell you what she saw yesterday, even showing the picture she took. She has only one request: have sex with her and then decide if you like Chinatsu or Hiiragi better. Even though you tried to resist her advances, your body couldn’t resist hers.

Hiiragi’s Special Lesson features twice as many scenes as the previous game, all of which are centered around Hiiragi; Chinatsu is not interactable in this game. Players also have the option to have Hiiragi call them “senpai” or “onii-chan.”

You can purchase Chinatsu’s Summer Vacation on JAST USA for $9.99 and on sale from Denpasoft for $8.99. Hiiragi’s Special Lesson is also available for $9.99 on JAST USA and on sale for $8.99 from Denpasoft.

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