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Succubus Shelly and Succubus Shelly 2, a duology of sex simulators by Blue Arrow Garden, are now available on Denpasoft and JAST USA.

Succubus Shelly is a comedic sex simulator about Shelly, a failed succubus. The story begins when Shelly tries to feast on an unassuming man, who accidentally grabs her tail. Normally, the demonic woman would have drained his life force through his manhood; however, having her tail held saps her strength away instead. With the nude and now-disarmed demon in front of him, the protagonist gave in to his urges—which, in turn, directly binds Shelly to him. With a new erotic minion at his side, the protagonist lets loose all his sexual fantasies. The sequel follows their erotic life even further, featuring their eventual wedding and honeymoon.

The games are primarily a collection of 3D animations, featuring a set of basic controls to manipulate them with. Players can choose which sexual positions to transition into, in addition to when and how to end them; in a way, this lets players cut their own erotic video out of the included content. Succubus Shelly comes with 60 minutes of animation and three hours of voice recordings. The sequel, Succubus Shelly 2, brings about 2 more hours of animation and six hours of voiced lines.

The 3rd release from Blue Arrow Garden which features over 60 minutes of animation and 3 times the amount of voice recording. A special feature also lets you listen to what Shelly is thinking as she's drowning in pleasure.

Shelly has found herself a tasty meal... you!

As a succubus, she has the ability to enter the dreams of human males and milk them dry. Or at least that's how it usually goes...

"No! Let go of my tail! Don't stick your dick inside me!"

With all the power drained from her body from having her tail grabbed, you have your way with her.

"No! No! You can't come inside of me!"

"If you do, it'll bind me to you! Don't! Don't do it!!"

You pay little heed to her words as you come inside Shelly and she becomes your sex slave... Thus begins your life with a succubus.

Succubus Shelly is now available on Denpasoft for the promotional price of $8.99, where it will later cost $9.99, as well as on JAST USA at full price.

Succubus Shelly 2 can be purchased on Denpasoft for $11.69 at a discount, and will later cost $12.99 at full price. Meanwhile, JAST USA is selling the sequel for $8.99 with no discount.

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