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Divine Heel, a 3D visual novel where a man gets a job surrounded by sexy ladies, is available on Itch.io.

Divine Heel is an erotic visual novel that takes place in the town Heraleisia, where the people have been under quarantine due to an outbreak of the Crownvirus. When the quarantine was lifted, the protagonist Vlad went out to find himself a job and maybe even a girlfriend. On his way to the interview, he comes across a girl getting accosted by some thugs and helps her out. Vlad and the girl Jasmina become best friends and find out that they both applied for a domestic helper position at Divine Heel apartments.

Vlad and Jasmina head to the apartment of the client and find out that they only need one of them. Jasmina is chosen and Vlad leaves the apartment dejected. On his way out, he comes across Rosa, his childhood nanny. The two of them catch up and she cheers him up about getting a job and finding a girlfriend. Wanting to help him out, Rosa brings him up to her apartment, which is actually the same apartment as the client’s. She is actually married to the client and convinces him to hire both Jasmina and Vlad. Thus begins Vlad’s life under the same roof with sexy babes.

Divine Heel will have six marriageable characters: Jasmina, Rosa, Naj, Miji, Marina, and Heraless. Relationships can be approached however you like. You have the option to marry one person, have an open relationship, or have multiple wives. Eroniverse is planning to make the scenarios customizable so that the player can decide what part of her body is focused on and whether she is dominant or submissive. Choose which “branch” you want, pick the aspect you want to focus on, and enjoy the scene.

In Divine Heel, you play a young man who is looking for love but struggling with a mysterious problem. His life takes a turn when he gets a job as a domestic helper for residents with various needs.

However, the mystery deepens when our hero finds himself "blessed".

He will be living with three very different women and will have to deal with their ardent cravings while discovering their secrets, lives, desires and fantasies.

Will you find love in this house or will you decide to take one from outside? Will you choose to get married or be free to see whomever you want? Maybe both?

A wide range of women can develop a special affection for you, not just those from the apartment you're living in.

It's up to you to decide with whom you develop a relationship. In this game of humor and sensuality, discover the pleasures and secrets of these characters and enjoy an adventure full of surprises.

You can download the current version of Divine Heel on Itch.io for free. If you like Eroniverse’s work, consider checking out their Patreon.

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