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METAL BREAKER, a side-scrolling shoot ’em-up by Ponkotsu Maker, has been published by Pink Pixel Games on Steam.

METAL BREAKER is a side-scrolling shoot’em up in which players control a female soldier investigating a suspicious island. The location is populated by dangerous tribes, monsters, massive insects, rising undead, and a suspicious military organization.

Running through forests, graveyards, temples, and fleshy caverns, players will have to constantly shoot at oncoming enemies and traps while jumping over obstacles. Multiple weapons can be found within the levels, including a handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and grenade launcher, in addition to more specialized tools, such as hand grenades and med kits.

If the heroine loses half her health as a result of being overwhelmed by waves of enemies, her clothing will be torn apart. While nude, the heroine may be assaulted by enemies. Some foes can make her pregnant, which can lead to egg-laying scenes. Erotic animations in METAL BREAKER are played out using the in-game sprites.

A Fast-Paced Action Game Taking Inspiration from Classic Shoot-em-ups

Features over 8,000 hand-drawn animation frames!

You'll only need to pick up three controls to play the game: 'Directional keys', 'Attack', 'Jump', and 'Special Attack'.

Arm yourself with unique weapons found in supply crates to complete your mission!

The Nude State

If your health drops below half, you will enter the 'nude state'. Be careful! In this state, enemies will try to violate her if they get too close!

Pregnancy and Egg Laying

There are certain enemies that you may come into contact with while in the nude state that will lay eggs in you,causing you to go into the 'Pregnant' state. If certain conditions are met while in the pregnant state, you will

end up laying eggs.If your health drops to zero while in the pregnant state, you will respawn with the state cured. If you want to see

an egg-laying scene, you should find a medkit as soon as you can. Medkits will not cure the pregnant state.

Zoom Functionality

Sex animations will zoom in automatically for your full enjoyment. The zoom function can be turned on/off from the settings menu.

METAL BREAKER is now available on Steam for $5.99.

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