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Demo for Vampire’s Knight is Now Available on Itch.io

NubeeDev is currently working on the side-scrolling action game, Vampire’s Knight, and has released an early build of the game on Itch.io.

Vampire’s Knight is a pixel side-scroller that NubeeDev first showed off on their Patreon back in March of this year. The game's heroine is a sword-wielding vampire girl in a medieval world. In the game, she must make it all the way to the end of each level while enemies try to attack her. There are three gauges in the top left corner of the screen; the red horizontal one displays the heroine’s health, the yellow one depicts her stamina, and the short red vertical one is the amount of blood she has collected. The stamina bar decreases when you jump and swing your sword, while the blood gauge can be used for healing and dashing. If you need to refill the gauge, you can collect blood from the enemies you kill.

Enemies are crafty, and will try to hide in order to ambush players. If you manage to see where they're hiding, you’ll have the opportunity to attack them first and kill them quickly. Conversely, if enemies ambush or knock you down, they will try to rape you. In order to escape, you will have to do a series of skill checks that will use up some of your stamina. An alternate way to recover from these assaults is by letting the H-animation play out until the enemy gets off and you have enough stamina to stand back up.

Vampire's Knight is an +18 action platformer with handcrafted pixel animations, where you will be engaged with live movement and combat mechanic of the character.

Play as sword-wielding vampire in medieval fantasy world.

Combat/Capture sex : the sex can happen during the combat with an escape mechanic.

Tips :

- Regenerate enough stamina before you start to struggle. Pressing "V" consumes stamina each time you use it, If you press "V" right when the H-Anim starts (when you have 0 Stamina after being knocked), you're not letting yourself regenerate enough stamina to escape.

- Try not to miss the timing. missing the timing when pressing "V" will deplete your escape gauge even more than not pressing "V" at all.

- Press W to stand up if you have enough stamina (heal right after you got knocked) or after the enemy finished the h-anim.

You can download the prototype of Vampire’s Knight on Itch.io. If you enjoy the game and want to access the latest versions, consider checking out NubeeDev’s Patreon.

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