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The Demon King takes Revenge! Card Battle!!, a single-player card game by SexkaStore, is now available on DLsite.

The Demon King takes Revenge! Card Battle!! is a fantasy card game about dueling heroines and adjusting your deck. The protagonist of the story comes from the demon world, a place that spawned multiple demon lords who fought constantly over the lesser tribes. It was only after inventing portals to other worlds that the demon's homeland found relative peace, as the lords began invading foreign lands instead. The protagonist also attempted to create his own dominion, only to fail entirely. In fact, he kept losing fights for so long and so consistently, that he was dubbed the weakest demon lord. After suffering another defeat, he once again reincarnates, though for the very first time, he finds himself with no memory of his life up to this point.

To help the protagonist regain his memories and prove himself as a demon lord, players have to continue his conquest. To that end, players will have to face three opposing heroines in card battles: the magical girl Yuzuki, her perverse guardian angel, Seael, and the current king of hell, Kalina. The protagonist can also face off against his maid, Mani, who gladly supports him in his pursuit.

The card system of The Demon King takes Revenge! Card Battle!! uses a growing mana system. At the start of card battles, players draw 5 cards and gain 1 mana used to play them. Each turn, they draw a new card, regain spent mana, and then gain an additional point, getting the opportunity to play more or stronger cards with every turn.

The cards can represent monsters, guardians, and spells. Both monsters and guardians are summoned into the field, allowing the player to attack the opposing player or their summons. If guardians are present on the field, their player cannot be attacked until the card is destroyed. Spells provide additional single-use effects. Players can also bring several sorceries to the battle, though the mana for sorceries is generated separately from the one used to play cards. It can be spent before playing any of the cards to cause a guaranteed effect since sorceries don’t have to be drawn from the deck.

Defeating the heroines grants the player access to their cards, with over 400 to collect, as well as unlocking new story segments and erotic scenes. There are over 80 CGs in the game when accounting for their variants, with each heroine having at least four unique scenes. The game's art was handled by 0ON—also known as Reon—and Ryuuichi Nagumo, while the audio was provided by Miki-T.

The Demon King takes Revenge! Card Battle!! is now available for PC and Android on DLsite for $8.66 (estimated from ¥1,287) until December 1st, at which point it will cost $9.62 (estimated from ¥1,430). The game is also slated for release on Steam in March of next year. A demo is also available on the store page.

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