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Alicia and the Curse of Climax, a fantasy adventure RPG by Pleasure King, is now available on DLsite.

Alicia and the Curse of Climax follows a renowned heroine fulfilling her quest to slay the demon lord. Having already defeated one of his lackeys, she loots a magical ring from the creature. Seeing the item leads her to think of her fiancée, whom she hopes will one day grant her a similar gift. Curiosity ends up taking the better of her, as she puts on the ring.

The cursed item causes Alicia to become unbearably sensitive to any form of touch. She’s forced to throw all her clothes directly on the ground, as the mere sensation of fabric touching her skin was causing her to orgasm. Being in no condition to defeat the demon lord, she turns to God for help, visiting a nearby church. The priests are unable to exorcise the curse from her body, as the curse itself makes it impossible to pray. The only remaining solution is for Alicia to acquire holy water, but with the church’s remaining vials stolen, she’s forced into a thief-hunting quest.

The game features standard RPG challenges with turn-based combat and exploration; however, due to Alicia’s extreme curse, the heroine is somewhat limited in her capabilities. Getting hit just once in combat causes her to orgasm repeatedly, guaranteeing her defeat. Players have to either avoid encounters, run from battles, or find a way to end them instantly. Since Alicia is forced to explore while nude, she’ll also run into men looking to abuse her body at every turn, with relevant NPCs being marked by a special icon. Altogether, there are are 50 erotic events to discover in Alicia and the Curse of Climax.

In battle, if she gets hit even once, Alicia will feel it and she won't be able to resist.

She can't even attack because the pleasure of cutting someone with a sword makes her cum.

No matter how hard she tries, she loses her reason and keeps cumming, and eventually she dies.

So combat basically boils down to running away, but she can't always run away.

In the dungeon, you will have to be careful not to get into a battle.

You can proceed without any troublesome work such as leveling up.

Alicia is always completely naked, even around town, as the mere friction of her clothes makes her cum.

Alicia is ridiculed by the townspeople who see her naked, but Alicia feels pleasure from it and cums.

The game has a story from OP to ED, but rather than a thorough strategy, the game is more about enjoying sex in battles and having sex with the townspeople.

Only cut-ins during battle have voices.

Alicia and the Curse of Climax is now available on DLsite for $18.38 (estimated from ¥2,750). A demo can also be downloaded from the store page.

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