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Mr.H and Lewd Formosa Published Hypnosis Prison on Steam

Hypnosis Prison, Mr.H's visual novel about breaking out of prison with the power of hypnosis, is now available on Steam.

Hypnosis Prison is a spin-off of Mr.H’s other title, Golden Axe Idol, taking place in the same universe as the RPG. Players take control of Jack, a criminal convicted in the northern Prison City, a land of harsh low temperatures. The prison warden, Snow, has chosen him to smuggle in contraband for her. While other prisoners would probably be grateful to spend time with the sexiest woman in the prison, Jack hates his position, thanks to Snow treating him like a disposable tool. Luckily, Jack has a plan to deal with the arrogant warden: he’s determined to hypnotize her so she’ll grovel at his feet like a dog and use this chance to escape from prison.

The visual novel has around a 100,000 word-long story and plenty of satisfying H-scenes for players to encounter. To prepare for his eventual escape, Jack needs money for when he gets out. Fortunately, across all of your contraband tasks, Warden Snow will give you the necessary money to complete them. Gathering the necessary money will involve completing these tasks in the most cost-effective way possible, pocketing the extra money for yourself and trying not to get caught. When you're not working, you can also practice the craft of hypnotism, so that you can eventually put your grand escape and revenge plan into action.

◆Game Features

1. Engaging scenes that will surely satisfy your appetite.

2. Fun and entertaining adult dating sim.

3. A unique story set in the same universe as Golden Axe Idol.

4. Naughty plot involving hypnosis.

5. A massive script comprising over 100,000 words.

You can purchase Hypnosis Prison on sale from Steam for $5.39. After November 30th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $5.99.

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