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Lewd Gym, an erotic card game by 樹懶叫工作室, sloth gamer, and Maker製造機, has been released on Steam.

Lewd Gym is a card game about attempting a rigorous exercise regimen invented by a succubus. The men who sign up at her gym take classes with various fantastical instructors, who’ll work their muscles while stimulating them to the edge. The theory is that accumulated testosterone will help in the process of developing muscles. To further encourage members, the gym offers them the chance to have sex with one of the instructors at the end of the week, provided they can last that long without releasing prematurely.

Among the instructors at the gym, there’s a disgruntled elven aerobics trainer, an orcish woman who easily gets horny, Frankenstein’s breast-obsessed monster, and the succubus owner of the establishment. Players will also enjoy getting massages from a werewolf, as well as yoga instructions from a futanari woman with an extra set of arms. All of them appear in multiple animated CGs, helping the player develop their musculature.

The goal of the game is to win four card game training sessions, after which players can ask one of the instructors for the promised reward. During training, the player draws five cards representing different muscle groups or providing special effects. Winning each game requires reaching a full score by playing muscle cards with the highest bonus during the current exercise. Players can also utilize special skills and redraw unwanted cards each turn to help them strategize further.

The player has to win the training session before their excitement overwhelms them, caused by the instructors teasing them between each turn. Success leads to the next training day, with the accumulated excitement still in effect. The player also earns heat through these training sessions, which can be used to empower muscle group cards and purchase other unlockable bonuses. Special cards and bonuses can also be selected at the start of each subsequent training session.

While each game grants some heat, going through the full week allows for a large cash-out, based on the amount of excitement at the end of the final day. The more excited you are, the easier it is to lose, which resets your streak back to day 1. As a result, the game features a fair amount of gambling with luck and careful planning.

Lewd Gym is now available for PC and Mac on Steam for $9.99.

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