...the fuck?

The futa-on-futa eroge Cufflinks & Cages has been released on Steam in early access.

Cufflinks & Cages is a visual novel following two futanari working in a chastity cage supply office. In the story, a law was enforced that all people who were deemed hypersexual must be subjected to forced chastity. Our heroine Dani is a hypersexual working an office job at a chastity cage supplier. All employees are assessed to check if they are not hypersexual before they are hired, but Dani managed to slip through the cracks.

Meanwhile, her sadistic boss Sofia is aware of her condition and she would rather have Dani as her personal pet than a colleague. If Dani wants to keep her hypersexuality a secret and keep her job, she must submit to all of Sofia’s whims. Everyday, she is forced to do humiliating tasks and tries to keep a straight face when Sofia tries to embarrass her in front of her coworkers. How will Dani survive her boring job and Sofia’s endless torment? Will she become a hard worker or a submissive pet?

THM Studios plans to update the Cufflinks & Cages each month and finish it in mid 2024. The current version of the game has the core mechanics, a calendar system, office tasks, minor scenes, and two major scenes. Additionally, the price will not change once the game leaves early access.

Cufflinks and Cages is a calendar based futa-on-futa chastity focused visual novel, where you will choose between being a good employee, or being an obedient pet to your sadistic manager. While trying to get some work done, you will find yourself constantly being reminded of the uncomfortable nature of your chastity device, while your manager pushes you into more and more embarrassing situations. Cufflinks and Cages will contain highly interactive scenes of office themed erotica, that change upon revisits, where this game's focus is to have you completely immersed in this strange, chaste, world.

You can purchase Cufflinks & Cages on sale from Steam Early Access for $4.24. After November 28th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price, $4.99.

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