Putting the D in the double D.

Demon Slayer Shion, a dungeon crawler full of tentacles by 7th Door, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

Demon Slayer Shion is a dungeon crawler about a rescue operation. Legendary demon slayer Ayano Senjuin has gone missing in a recently discovered foul den. The rescue team that followed her also cut off all contact rather quickly. Dangerous as these depths may be, another renowned demon slayer, Shion Rokujou, decides to go in after the missing parties. She’s admired Senjuin for a long time now, and cannot allow her idol to be lost.

The game’s challenge is to guide Shion all the way to the bottom of the demonic dungeon, which may as well be described as a pit of lustful tentacles. Players will have to navigate winding corridors, avoid traps, solve puzzles, and battle enemies in turn-based combat.

The game features a relatively high difficulty thanks to the constant miasma that surrounds the dungeon floors. As Shion traverses the stages, she will build up a toxin within her body, which may force players to return to the base if they accumulate too much of it. As such, the dungeon has to be explored efficiently, limiting the player’s ability to grind and wander around aimlessly, punishing them for getting lost.

Your slimy enemies come in all shapes and sizes, and will often attempt to molest the heroine while in combat. Moreover, Shion can masturbate at any time while in the dungeon, and if she has company, the other girls will be happy to join. As the heroine becomes more erotic, the way she’s treated by other characters will change as well, introducing an increasing variety of sexual activities. Despite this pure nudity is limited, as the heroines play whilst wearing their skintight suits. There are 44 unique CGs to discover in the game, with 150 images in total when accounting for their variants.

During her quest, Shion will find opportunities to save the previously lost teams for additional experience, which can be spent on new abilities or as a trading currency. Saving people, making decisions, as well as succumbing to her sexual needs all play part in determining Shion’s fate, with the five endings to discover in the game.

Demon Slayer Shion is now available on Steam for $14.99 and, as of writing, Kagura Games has the game on sale for a temporary reduced price of $11.99. After the sale ends, the price will return to $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be applied separately using a patch found on the publisher’s website.

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