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My intimate love with the devil king, BaiLeshi's fantasy dating sim, has been published on Steam by Playmeow Games and ACG creator.

My intimate love with the devil king is a cohabitation simulator, in which a man lives together with the demon king who saved him. Players take the role of a young man who grew up with the best in life: a loving family and enough wealth to last a lifetime. After a tragic accident, you had lost everything and were swiftly abandoned by the world. Just as things seemed to reach their lowest point, a white-haired demon girl appeared to help you. She introduces herself as Flan, a Devil King from another world. The two of you started living together for quite some time, and while you've never felt happier, you start to understand Flan's suffering as you learn more about her. To thank Flan for everything she has done for you, it's about time for you to return the favor.

Players will have to help Flan repair the Otherworld Gate so she can return to her world before the in-game time limit expires. Gameplay involves getting to know her better by talking or interacting with her, giving her gifts, and going on dates with her. During certain scenes, you'll also be able to investigate objects and interact with other people, so that you can communicate with Flan easier. As time goes by and more characters are introduced into the story, Flan will open up to you about just who she is and what her life was like in the other world. My intimate love with the devil king features twenty-three CGs and six endings, which are dependent on your interactions with Flan.


Growing up in quite a wealthy, lovely family, I thought that everything would be alright, as it is now.

But then the accident happened…

"It was so painful, so hopeless. I couldn't breathe; my heart felt like it was going to explode. I didn't want to hear anything..."

"Nothing matters anymore."

An accident took away my family, my life, my everything. All that remained were the eyes that could no longer see a clear view of the world. I was abandoned by the world; I have no value of existence.

But I met you, the one who saved me. You are my only light, pulling my hand to go forward.

Thus, I live together with the devil King of the other world, getting to know each other in life and having an adventure together that I'd never thought of in my life.

But the more I try to understand you, the more I feel that you are suffering more than I thought.

You are also an abandoned person.

The burden of the country, the distrust of the people, and the hunting of the heroes… All that you have endured is not for one person to bear.

Flan, This time, it's my turn to save you.

You can purchase My intimate love with the devil king on Steam for $9.99.

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