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Quickie: Fantasy Adventure, a flash-based visual novel from Oppai Games, makes a return as a free title on Steam.

Quickie: Fantasy Adventure is a short and lighthearted story originally published on Newgrounds in 2018. It introduces Oppai Game’s ‘quickiverse’ setting, albeit in a more magical style than its later successors. Players take the role of a soldier and adventurer being summoned by their elder to embark on a vital, diplomatic quest.

They’re assisted by their reliable though inflexible childhood friend, Sara, who enlisted by their side to help push back against the invasion of the Drakkar and their undead allies. They’re also joined by Satomi, a shy and anxious dark mage. Their task is to meet with the Queen of the Elves to help establish a new alliance, as well as to deliver her an ancient artifact.

For its new release, the story of Quickie: Fantasy Adventure has been made completely free. It features eight romance candidates, including the previously mentioned pair of heroines, with each character having its own animated erotic scene to unlock. Aside from humans and elves, players will come across nymphs, cat girls, and more.

Quickie: Fantasy Adventure is a remastering of one of our early Flash games which first released on Newgrounds in 2018. This bite-sized, sexy visual novel is set in the Quickiverse with its beloved characters crafted in a medieval-style fantasy adventure!

Gather your companions and set off on an epic quest to save your beloved home. Encounter mysterious forces, seduce strange and sexy creatures... and shape the fate of the world in this exciting and sexy visual novel!

We owe a debt of gratitude to the people who have supported us over the years, without whom this game and its successor, Quickie: A Love Hotel Story, would not have been possible. This game is a celebration of our dedicated followers, both past and present... so we are happy to share it with everyone FOR FREE!

▹ Completely free to download and play!

▹ 8 beautiful, romanceable characters from the Quickiverse!▹ 8 steamy animations with partial voice acting!

▹ Different fantasy races including: humans, mages, elves, nymphs, neko and more!

Quickie: Fantasy Adventure if now available for PC and Mac on Steam for free.

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