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Strategy and territory management game Saraman Union has been released on Steam.

In Saraman Union, you play as a traveling merchant who becomes a lord after inheriting land from your uncle. Little did you know, the inheritance greater than you expected. The land wasn’t common territory governed by humans, it was the Nova Roma Empire — the strongest nation in the continent in the demon's domain. Your uncle was actually Duke Saraman, a man who belonged to one of the four major noble families in the empire. By accepting the inheritance, you have become a duke responsible for managing the nation’s international relationships, finances, and protection.

The gameplay consists of managing your territory, the lives of your citizens, and protecting Nova Roma Empire from foreign threats. Nations and settlements governed by humans, elves, centaurs, and other races might want to claim your territory for themselves. You can address this issue in two ways: conquer them before they can control you or use political leverage and diplomacy to create alliances.

There are numerous characters that you can get romantic endings with. Choose one girl to marry and rule beside you as a duchess. If you aren’t interested in monogamy, you have the option to have affairs after marriage, establish a harem, or lock girls in the basement as sex slaves. You decide what kind of relationships you want.


Territory Management x Strategy SLG

As a duke, your everyday life involves managing Saraman Duchy along with your subjects and citizens, while confronting threats from foreign nations. Besides the protagonist, there are various forces present on this continent: the vassals of Nova Roma Empire, human nations like Berlia Kingdom and Zorgusta Empire, Ice Sea Union in the north, the nomads and centaur tribes of the eastern great plains, and the elves guarding the sanctuary. This continent is far from peaceful with so many factions. Will you focus on military and technological advancements to conquer all other factions and achieve continental domination? Or will you leverage politics and diplomacy to forge alliances and protect peace from ambitious conquerors? It's all up to the player.

Over Female Characters 20

Over 50 H-Scenes

You can purchase Saraman Union on Steam for a reduced price of $11.04. After November 21st, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $12.99.

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