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A Kickstarter campaign for Baldr's Squid Isekai: A Parody, a comedic fantasy RPG by A Memory of Eternity and TORii, is currently underway.

A Memory of Eternity has launched a Kickstarter for their new project, Baldr's Squid Isekai: A Parody. The game is planned be a turn-based tactics RPG, set within a purposefully generic fantasy world. The protagonist will take the form of a mighty hero transported to another world and forced to participate in its deadly tournament, known as "the squid game". The tournament's name is in reference its hosts, whose appearances are reminiscent of mind flayers.

Players will have to take part in a number of combat and social encounters. The game will provide 5 playable classes, 6 companions, and a layered equipment system, giving players numerous options for customizable playstyles. To provide players with a sense of adversity, the game will feature optional roguelite mechanics and a complex AI "dungeon master" controlling the game's difficulty by crafting challenges to the player.

Throughout the tournament, players will be able to team up with representatives of three dorms, who participate in the tournament of their own volition for personal reasons. These will include the emos—worshipper of the ass god Asuka and the depressed Rogue, who has experienced enormous trauma; the Noblebrights—Princess Hygiene and Trista Slaughterpussy, who’re much less noble than they appear; and finally the barbarians—a straightforward pair of the hateful Morgana and the self-admitted coward, Cassius.

In the past, A Memory of Eternity managed to successfully crowdfund three projects, as well as refunding backers of their one failed attempt. In their new game, the developer is staying closer to their RPG roots and expanding on tactics combat. This time around, they’ve teamed up with TORii to make their new game.

To create Baldr's Squid Isekai: A Parody according to their vision, the team will have to gather at least $5,000. At the time of writing, this modest goal has nearly been reached. That said, the campaign will last until December 7th. Supporters can pre-order the game via crowdfunding, as well as leave their mark on the project by creating a line of dialogue, item, and enemy or an NPC of their own, depending on the chosen tier.

You can learn more about Baldr's Squid Isekai: A Parody and support it on Kickstarter until December 7th. The game can already be wishlisted on Steam and will also be available on Itch.io once it releases. Pledging at least $8 to the projects guarantees a digital copy of the game on release, as well as a beta key. Paying $22 instead will also earn you a copy of Memoirs of a Battle Brothel right away. At the time of writing, the game has collected $4,771 in funding out of its $5,000 goal.

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