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Phantom Thief Sylphy 2 - The Collector, a stealth puzzle game by Azurezero, is now available on Steam.

Phantom Thief Sylphy 2 - The Collector is a sequel to Azurezero’s previous urban fantasy stealth game. Players follow Sylphy, a thief with a golden heart, as she attempts to recover valuable goods. In this installment, the heroine attracts the attention of a demon known as the Collector, who challenges her to four trials. Sylphy will have to infiltrate a temple of lust, earn recognition in an office environment, make money at a strip club of the future, and finally best a goblin lair as a fantasy mage. Only if she can come out on top of all four scenarios will the demon will let Sylphy go.

Playing as the master thief, players will heave to sneak around enemies, collect valuables and solve puzzles. These puzzles often require finding specific items or switches to unlock the way forward. Sylphy can use her trusty grappling hook to scale parts of the levels, and may even gain access to new tools in specific scenarios, such as becoming a mage in the fantasy section.

Not unlike in her first game, Sylphy will frequently be raped by men taking advantage of her. Erotic scenes are displayed as Live2D animations playing out on the side of the screen. The sequel comes with a number of erotic minigames, expanding the selection of adult content available.

In this long awaited sequel to Phantom Thief Sylphy, our busty bespectacled phantom thief finds herself trapped in the realm of a demon known as

The Collector.

She is tasked with conquering 4 scenarios designed to appeal to her baser instincts and corrupt her.

Can she beat his challenge and escape, or will she succumb to the sweet torment he offers. You decide!


- A simple and fun erotic game.

- A hardcore story filled with delightful downalls.

- A variety of lewd animations made with Live2d.

- A bunch of fun minigames, from a rhythm game to dance naked in a club, to mashing to squish man's head between thicc thighs.

- Each scenario has it's own varied gameplay style, and sylphy dons different outfits in each.

- Multiple endings, based on how much Sylphy indulged herself and a few choices made during gameplay.

- Casual Difficulty - sylphy is returned to the hub if she triggers a bad ending in any of the scenarios, free to try again. it takes a lot to trigger the main bad ending

Phantom Thief Sylphy 2 - The Collector is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.49 until November 20th, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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