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Artoonu’s fantasy visual novel Dungeon Core Master is available on Steam.

Dungeon Core Master is a fantasy visual novel following an adventurer and his companions. The protagonist, Stevyn, accepted a quest to check out a dungeon because of some strange occurrences. The area surrounding the dungeon was considered dangerous due to consistent monster appearances. Stevyn and his party members — Paelia, a red headed paladin, and Meguri, the cat girl mage — entered the dungeon, but they never found any monsters inside. After going deeper, he finds ancient ruins, a red core, and a mysterious girl named Corette.

The game has multiple choices and three love interests. Decide what kind of protagonist Stevyn will be with the choices you make. Just like artoonu’s previous games, you have some control over how the protagonist acts in the H-scenes. You can be gentle or rough with the girls and decide where you want to cum on their body. Some scenes will include sex acts such as missionary sex, ear-fucking, handjobs, choking, blowjobs, impregnation, footjobs, and more.

It's a fantasy world story!

- This Visual Novel follows the story of Stevyn, an experienced adventurer, alongside his companions as they take on a seemingly simple quest. However, things don't go as they hoped for...

- Embark on a journey to clear the Dungeon! Avoid traps, reach the center, discover ancient secrets, and try to return safely!

- Colorful and diverse characters, carefully crafted story and lore bring this epic tale to life!

Several Event CGs!

- Each of the 9 sex scenes has a few variations depending on your choices or scene progression!

- See a few important story points illustrated! Plot-twisting revelations, cute-yet-heartbreaking moments!

You can purchase Dungeon Core Master on sale from Steam for $3.19. After November 20th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $3.99. There is also a short demo available on

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