Putting the D in the double D.

PRODUCTION PENCIL has published Cuckold Princess, a story where a man loses the princess he fell in love with, on Steam.

Cuckold Princess is an NTR visual novel made by POISON, the developers behind Sex-Loving Family and Sisters hypnosis sex2. Our protagonist Mars saves Elencia, princess of the Kingdom of Liberline, from being assaulted by the prince of Selenia. After this encounter, Mars would take Elencia with him on adventures and promised to always protect her forever.

Acknowledging his brave deeds, the kingdom granted him honor and status, but in exchange he lost Elencia. After the death of Liberline’s king, Queen Nadia has been trying to help the kingdom recover by any means. The cheerful and confident Princess Elencia must help with improving the state of Liberline even if that means yielding to powerful nobles and nations like Selenia. Mars has no choice just to watch as the love of his life is violated by lustful men and other creatures.

The game has full voice acting for the heroines, multiple CGs, and a scene recollection room where you can re-watch scenes you’ve collected. There are three DLCs with episodes centered around three of the heroines: Elencia, Nadia, and Iris. Episode Elen follows Mars and Elencia’s relationship as they work hard for Liberline so that they will be accepted as lovers.

In Episode Nadia, Mars falls in love with the queen, so he fulfills his knightly duties to win her approval. Little does he know, the tyrannical minister Mussalu is already making sexual advances on her.

Episode Iris is centered around the elf Iris, who has been a Kingsguard knight for Liberline for many years. As fellow knights, Mars and Iris get along well. When Nadia tells Mars and Iris that there is a traitor in their ranks who is working for the enemy, they go to investigate.

You can purchase Cuckold Princess on Steam for $29.99. The DLC Episode Elen is available for $19.99, while Episode Nadia and Episode Iris can be purchased for $16.99 each.

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