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Sujimon Quest, a voyeuristic monster-catching RPG by Black Train, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

Sujimon Quest is a fantasy RPG following a voyeuristic village girl and a yakuza on their quest to catch monster girls. The small village which is home to Gaaru has been threatened by the sujimon, female monsters known for preying on men. Wanting to help save the village from these naughty creatures, Gaaru set out on a quest to find a rumored legendary sujimon who’d be able to stop all the other monsters.

The legendary creature turns out to be a yakuza named Tatsumi, who’s been transported from Earth to Gaaru’s fantastical realm. While hardened by his past in the criminal underworld, Tatsumi is rather good-natured. He agrees to help Gaaru investigate the sujimon problem and find a permanent solution to the monster incursion.

On their quest, Gaaru and Tatsumi will have to assist various villagers and fight monsters in turn-based battles. Some boss sujimon can be captured, which allows Tatsumi to drag them to a love hotel. If combat proves difficult, Gaaru can gain additional experience by exploring the village at night. Her curious nature makes her keen to peep on other villagers during their private affairs, a matter she finds especially arousing.

Sujimon Quest features over 40 erotic scenes with more than 400 CGs in total, including their variants. The majority of the game’s adult content comes from Gaaru peeping on the activities of others, though many naughty scenarios drag her into action personally.

Sujimon Quest is now available on Steam and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $7.99, where it will later cost $9.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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