Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

072 Project has published the Night Stroll, a story about an average girl discovering a fetish, on Steam.

Night Stroll is a casual simulation game following the corruption of an ordinary girl and how her addiction to exhibitionism spirals out of control. Suzuki Rika was a plain looking girl who lived an ordinary and peaceful life everyday, until she came across an SM magazine in a convenience store. After reading an article on exhibitionism, she was tempted to try it. In the beginning, she would walk around in a hoodie, underwear, and hotpants to do some mild flashing. Eventually, it wouldn’t be enough for her, leaving her wanting to try something even bolder. Every night Rika wakes up to her body craving a greater pleasure. To satisfy these desires, she goes out on walks in just a hoodie and underwear, exposing herself in different places.

The game has many different situations for Rika to act out, such as masturbating in front of an apartment, riding an elevator naked, or doing bondage on herself and monkey bars. While she is exposing herself, there is a chance that she can be caught. You will have the option to make Rika escape or stay in place. If she is caught by someone, she will be raped for acting so bold in public. The H-scenes you collect can be re-watched in the replay mode.

- Room: Make sure of your appearance before going out.

- Residential area: The streets that were once ordinary become dangerous areas due to different clothing.

- Utility pole: Stand under a street lamp, illuminated by weak light, and continue forward.

- Convenience store: Bright and tidy store. Perhaps there are adult magazines in the magazine section...?

- Vending machine: Squatting in front of a brightly lit vending machine to pee.

- Apartment: Masturbating in front of the entrance to an apartment rented by unscrupulous men.

- Park: Using the monkey bars and a forgotten jump rope, engage in self-restraint play.

- Park toliet: Masturbating naked in a male restroom stall entered to avoid detection.

- Mansion: Dangerous even if just staying naked in the wide lobby corridor, with maximum danger.

- Elevator: Riding the elevator completely naked, forcibly moving without knowing the situation outside, with no escape, an absolutely hopeless environment.

- Delusion: Fantasizing about exhibitionism acts that cannot be realized, which may also affect reality...

You can purchase Night Stroll on sale from Steam for $13.49. After November 17th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $14.99. There is a demo available as well.

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