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Best Elf, a spin-off title of AGL Studios' fantasy visual novel, is now available for purchase on Steam and

Best Elf is a spin-off of the adventure visual novel, Faulty Apprentice. This title is a standalone story that takes place after the prior title's true ending, and is centered around two elven girls from the original game: Eleanna, an arrogant archery instructor, and Zariina, a devious dark magic practitioner.

The story in Best Elf begins with an innocent little competition between two sexy elves pining for the player's attention, but the competition soon spirals into a more dire situation. You’re sent on a rescue mission with Eleanna and Zariina, but the two get along like oil and water. Eleanna wants to prove her superiority, while Zariina keeps retaliating against her with snide remarks. As their bickering only grows worse, the two eventually want you to pick a side between them, leaving it up to the player to decide which girl is the best elf.

Unlike the previous game, there are no minigames or routes separated based on the morality of your choices. Best Elf features multiple endings and routes, including a harem ending with both elves. The choices you make will lead you to different H-scene, which are fully-voiced and animated using Live2D. After collecting the CGs, they can be viewed again through the in-game gallery.


Since the battle, Stars Reach Castle has been peaceful and light. However, for a certain two elves, things haven't been going quite right... Is it the result of a contest with tunics most wet, or perhaps two personalities that conflict and don't set, a feud has erupted between two elves that just met.

From training proclivity to fun time activity, no matter the task, no matter the reason, these girls have not limit, well except maybe treason. Has Eleanna's want to be the best gone from desire to obsessed? Or have Zariinna's reprisals gone from taunts to torments? This rivalry is sure to get worse before it relents, and soon comes the time to give your two cents.

As Champion of Stars Reach, strong-bodied and good health, do you have what it takes to determine who is best elf?

You can purchase Best Elf on sale from Steam and for $9.92. After November 16th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $12.40.

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