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Erotic Justice, Blue Smut Studios’ detective-themed visual novel, is now available for purchase on Steam and

Erotic Justice is the first installment in a planned series of murder mystery visual novels that Max, a womanizing detective with a special ability, and Fizz, his lovely assistant. The title's first case features the murder of Blair Tumbles, a politician who died at the Birthday Maid’s Brothel. While Max’s ability to detect if people are lying to him can help him identify the culprit, using it isn’t that simple: after using his ability once, he can't use it again until after he has sex with someone. Max will need to investigate or impregnate the various suspects he encounters in order to reach the truth.

Erotic Justice has three cases for players to unravel, which combine together into a single branching storyline. The choices made during your investigations will affect the ending you get, as well as potentially helping you come across by going off the right path. Players will be able to fuck multiple girls that appear in each case, including a futanari; in the event you're not fan of futanari, there's an option to toggle that content off before starting the game.

Since Max must have sex to recharge his ability after each use, sex scenes play an integral role in the investigation. Every investigation will involve examining evidence, interrogating suspects, using Max’s ability to see through their lies, and having sex to recharge. There is also an impregnation mechanic that allows you to impregnate all of the girls in the game, which ultimately impacts the ending you get.

A politician has been murdered at the birthday maid's brothel and its up to Max and his assistant Fizz to find the culprit.

Gifted with the ability to penetrate the lies of suspects, Max normally closes cases with ease but this one is more complicated than it seems...

With grudges centuries in the making, illusionary worlds, secret powers and a harem to build, Max certainly has his work cut out for him and will need your help to solve the case! And get laid along the way of course...

You can purchase Erotic Justice from for $9.99 and on sale from Steam for $8.99. The sale on Steam ends on November 17th.

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