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Desktop Girlfriend NEO, a virtual companion by DigitalDream, is now available on Steam.

Desktop Girlfriend NEO is a new version of DigitalDream’s desktop companion app. The program lets customize a female character, which will then inhabit your screen while you do other activities on your PC. There’s a large variety of facial and body customization options within the game, as well as several clothing sets to choose from. Additional outfits and functions can also be unlocked by playing minigames with the heroine, among the minigames Desktop Girlfriend NEO includes are Star Collection, Pinball, a candy matching game, and the sliding puzzle 2048.

Aside from the companionship provided by the avatar wandering the screen, Desktop Girlfriend NEO features a number of short stories. The heroine will speak with the player, offering options to respond with, which will increase her affection stat and unlock new interactions. The game also supports Steam workshop, allowing for the creation and sharing of fully modded characters.

A girlfriend-themed desktop pet game that allows deep customization of character appearance, with built-in reminder function, mini-games, Steam workshop, and interactive features!

Desktop Girlfriend NEO is an interactive desktop simulation girlfriend game where players can interact with a virtual girlfriend in multiple ways, such as playing built-in mini-games, deeply customizing the appearance of the girlfriend, including facial features, hairstyle, hair color, eye details, body parameters, and more. It also features multiple chat storylines to solve. Desktop Girlfriend NEO is a loyal girlfriend who will always love and accompany you, so you never feel lonely!

The game uses Unity HDRP, a brand new high-definition graphics rendering engine, to create more beautiful and realistic graphics, making your girlfriend come to life!

Desktop Girlfriend NEO is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $3.89, where it will later cost $4.99. Adult content has to be installed separately though a free DLC.

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