Putting the D in the double D.

Yokoshima Clinic, a casual exploration game by monotool, has received an English translation, now available to download on DLsite.

Yokoshima Clinic is a small adventure game about an older woman being molested and raped during her visit to a clinic. The heroine comes to the medical center for a simple check-up, unaware of the perverse nature of its workers.

Players will have to guide the heroine around the clinic, doing simple tasks such as collecting items or finding the right examination rooms. During the check-ups, the heroine will be groped, photographed, or even drugged and raped by the employees.

There are 60 erotic scenes in the game. Additionally, there is an avatar of the heroine always visible on the right-hand side of the screen. During erotic scenes, this avatar is replaced either by CGs or simple animated loops of the erotic act currently taking place.

This is a mini RPG in which a girl has perverted things done to her at a clinic.

The pixel art and animations change in accordance with the scene.

There is no battling or leveling up.

Creampies! Sexual harassment! Situations where the girl is being forced into things are the main event.

Try not to get caught when you're doing naughty things! (fake exam, sex while she's sleeping, sneak photography, etc)

Not just situations related to medical check-ups either!

This game also features some older girl/younger guy action and interspecies relations.

Animation and sound effects are included for almost every scene.

Over 60 variations, including both regular and erotic!

The voice clips consist of sexual moans only.

Yokoshima Clinic is available on DLsite for PC and Android for $8 (estimated from ¥1,210), with the AI patch for the PC version of the game available to download from DLsite, at no additional cost. A demo of the Japanese version is also available on the store page.

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