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Phantom Thief Effie, a stealth game by Yamanashi Musume, has been published on Steam by Irodori Games.

Phantom Thief Effie is a fantasy stealth game about a thief with a golden heart. Assisted by a magical bunny, Effie makes it her mission in life to retrieve goods stolen by others. During the day, she works at an inn, where she gathers rumors about illicit activities taking place in and around the city; by night, Effie pursues the rumors to reclaim the stolen goods.

Controlling the heroine, players will have to navigate through various houses and facilities, avoiding the sights of guards and looting chests along the way. Food items can help the heroine recover, while illicit money can be later donated to the needy at church. Effie also has access to magic, which allows her to transform into an animal and sneak by enemies, as well as helping her out in the game's turn-based combat if she gets caught.

Most fights in Phantom Thief Effie can be avoided, especially by knocking enemies out from behind. If Effie is caught, she can use her martial arts skills and magic to fight back. Enemies may try to grab her and abuse her, as well as do far worse if they manage to defeat her. Players also have to watch out for their MP, as Effie’s phantom thief guise is magical in nature and will start disappearing as she grows lower on mana, revealing her naked body.

Phantom Thief Effie follows various stories of Effie’s noble attempts to rob the thieves. Along the way, she can be molested by enemies, as well as by the traps they leave around their property. Effie’s friends and rivals may also end up in hot trouble during the story.

Phantom Thief Effie is now available on Steam for $14.99. Previously, the game was also released on DLsite, where it remains available for $14.63 (estimated from ¥2,200), with a separate English translation patch. Both storefronts feature a demo version of the game.

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