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Cicada_Dancing’s Visual Novel Lucky One Released on Steam

Follow the university life of a freshman student in Lucky One, now available on Steam.

Lucky One is a 3D visual novel made by Cicada_Dancing. The story follows Fred, a slob who finally got accepted into college as a Linguistics major. After his first day, thinks he is going to enjoy his time on campus — not because he loves his major or the curriculum, but because the faculty and classmates are mostly made up of attractive girls. Even though he had trouble trying to get a girlfriend in the past, he sees this as a chance of collecting his own harem.

There are three girls Fred has his sights on: Beatrice, the unapproachable bossy babe; Rachel, the book loving wallflower; and the energetic troublemaker Sandy. Unfortunately for him, charming women isn’t easy and none of them are immediately falling head over heels for him. He will need to think carefully about the girls he is with. Each of them have preferences with how they like to be treated. In order to win their hearts, Fred will not only have to change his approach, but reevaluate his perspective on life.

"Lucky One" is a visual novel for adults only. A young slob named Fred enrolls in the Department of Linguistics, where he struggles to find a girlfriend, being the only guy on the stream.

Game Features:

Exciting world of university life, touching relationships of Fred with Beatrice, Rachel and Sandy.

Each character has a unique personality, adding depth to the story.

The atmospheric soundtrack immerses you in the atmosphere of the story.

Unexpected twists and turns: The game promises exciting plot twists, keeping players interested.

You can purchase Lucky One on sale from Steam for $5.09. After November 15th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $5.99.

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