Putting the D in the double D.

MangaGamer has launched pre-orders for Sengoku Rance and Rance VI +5D USB hardcopy editions.

MangaGamer has begun accepting pre-orders for hardcopy releases of Sengoku Rance and the bundled Rance VI +5D. Both packages come in cases with reversible covers housing their respective games and soundtracks on custom USB sticks. Additionally, buyers receive a digital download card for the games. The Sengoku Rance hardcopy also features an 80-page-long artbook PDF.

When it comes to the games themselves, Rance VI +5D is a bundle including the eight and ninth entries in the series. The first of them, Rance 5D, features a self-contained story about Rance and Sill getting lost in an underground castle of Youkai, located out of time. The game is a dungeon crawler extensively reliant on luck, with both exploration and combat being tied to roulette and dice mechanics.

In Rance VI, the foul hero arrives at the Magic Kingdom of Zeth hoping to make some easy cash off his amazing combat abilities. Promptly after arriving, he offends a minister of high rank and gets thrown into a slave camp. There he finds out that only magic users have rights in Zeth, with mundane individuals treated as a lower class. Rance is eventually freed by a resistance fighting against this injustice and decides to join them, offering his expertise to the group. The game is largely a dungeon crawler, but sets itself apart by providing over 20 playable party members. They’re all important, as each individual can only fight a limited number of times during each dungeon exploration. As a result, players have to carefully decide when to field their hardest hitters.

Sengoku Rance is an SRPG taking place after the events of Rance VI. Together with Sill, Rance arrives in Nippon, where he strikes a deal with Nobunaga Oda to be the commander of his forces. Players get to recruit soldiers, assign them to commanders, and fight to take over other clans. The story changes direction based on player choices, both in terms of dialogue and which territories they decide to take, leading to a multitude of endings. Famously, the game mixes its strategic elements with traditional RPG dungeon crawling. At times, players may form a party of their most distinguished units and use it to explore ruins within already conquered territories.

Aside from its story rich campaign, Sengoku Rance features many additional modes, allowing players to take control of any faction within the game. Each receives its own short story, providing motivation and direction for the player’s military campaign.

Rance VI +5D and Sengoku Rance hardcopies are now available for pre-order on MangaGamer for $39.95 each. Both packages are scheduled to be released on November 23rd, 2023.

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