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The Queendom of Lithzena, PK's femdom-centric isekai RPG, has been published by PΛIN KIŁŁ∃R in Steam Early Access.

The Queendom of Lithzena is an isekai story starring a young man who was resurrected by a mistress in a land ruled by women. Despite being reborn as an incubus, the protagonist doesn't amount to more than a pet to his summoner, mistress Therese of the House of Discipline. No matter how humiliating or ridiculous her demands, the protagonist has no choice but to obey her.

The game is a traditional RPG with exploration, quests, and turn-based combat. Its leading theme is femdom—often hardcore forms of it. There are humans, demons, and monster girls inhabiting Lithzena, but they all look down on men, with little care towards harm they might suffer or their consent. Many of the heroines are vying for control over the queendom, the fate of which is decided in part by whom the player chooses to support.

Between erotic encounters with the game’s cast of leather and latex-clad heroines, players will go on dungeon and exploration quests. The Queendom of Lithzena features customization through its equipment, stat allocation, and classes. Players can combine two roles together, with options such as sub, beta, creep, pervert, and gimp available to them.

You are a young man that wakes up in a femdom isekai, Lithzena, a world full of monster girls, dominatrix and sexy women. You must find a way to survive, can you find a way home or would you rather be a pet forever?


The Queendom of Lithzena is a hardcore femdom game that is designed to focus on the domination theme. The game is packed with femdom lewd scenes, but vaginal and anal sex scenes are not the focus. This is not a gentle femdom game.

Lithzena has multiple factions, and each faction has a different philosophy on how to destroy man and dominate them. Some of the factions might be working against you and your mistress, be careful!

The Queendom of Lithzena is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. A demo of the game is available on

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