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Card Battle Game Knightess in Debt Released on Steam and

Noxurtica’s casual tarot card game, Knightess in Debt, is available on Steam and

Published by Noxurtica, the developer behind BDSM Apocalypse and Mistress vs Slave, Knightess in Debt is a card collecting and battling eroge. You play as a gambler that makes a living off of playing the popular game Magino. Your best friend is a beautiful knight who works in the same city as you. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to improve your relationship with her. One day, she tells you about how she owes a massive gambling debt to a shady organization that will force her into slavery. To save her from that fate, you take her debt upon yourself so you can pay it off with your gambling skills. Play Magino and earn money while getting more intimate with your favorite knightess.

The game is set up as a visual novel with card game mechanics. Collect up to twenty-one cards and build the perfect deck to help you win games and earn gold. Each of the cards will have their own uses — some can give status effects while others can only damage your opponents. Even though she was reluctant to accept your help, the knightess will show her gratitude for helping her. The sex scenes are animated and dialogue in the story is partially voiced.

You play as a gambler in a city making a living off of playing the popular game, Magino. One day, your best friend, a knightess that works in the city, comes to you after accruing gambling debts to a dangerous, shady organization. Facing enslavement, you decide to help her by taking on your own debt to buy her freedom. Now you must gamble your way to paying off the debt, while also improving your changing relationship with your best friend, the knightess.

You will build a deck of legendary cards to help you win games of Magino. There are 21 different legendary cards. Win games, earn gold, and collect them all! Aside from the card game, The game also features visual novel style story-telling with partially voiced dialogue and animated adult scenes. The game contains sexual content intended for adults.

You can purchase Knightess in Debt on for $10.00 and on sale from Steam for $8.99. After November 9th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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