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Border Conqueror, Banana King's hybrid of a strategy game and visual novel, is now available for purchase on DLsite.

The story of Border Conqueror takes place at the edge of the Norman Empire. The Cesteners and the Keter exiles grew discontent with the rule of the Norman Empire. As the two groups begin a rebellion, an unexpected ally sides with their cause: The 13th Legion of the Norman Empire, decides to stand against its rulers, kicking off the uprising in earnest.

Taking advice from her brother, Empress Catherine Norman sends her Second Legion to the West in order to quell the mounting unrest. Throughout the story, players follow the Second Legion’s commander as he takes charge to conquer the region, province by province.

The game features two modes: story and strategy. Both modes feature narrative story segments and strategic conquest, in which the player’s task is to take over the entire region for the Normans through turn-based battles. Strategy mode is distinguished by the rebel factions being allowed to attack the player to retake the western provinces. In both campaigns,

In combat, the player’s army faces opponents controlling the region. A morale counter signifies the state of the player’s troop. The task is to guess whether the player’s morale is higher than the enemy's. If it is, attacking them will net major progress, while the Norman army will defend otherwise. Whichever army runs out of forces will be the loser of the confrontation.

Conquering new regions will progress the story, revealing each side’s motivations and introducing new heroines. Many of them can later be called over to the player’s tent to help them relieve sexual tension. There are 33 base CGs in the game, along with a story spanning 100,000 words and three endings to discover.

The story takes place in the Norman Empire in the province of Cerrado. After the Norman Empire conquered Keter, the western side of the continent was split in two, i.e. the Duchy of Sarich and of Krosa. After seven years of fighting for the throne, Sulipanaxa defeated all his rivals in Sarich. Having been ruled for seventy years, the Cesteners’ discontent with the Normans grew. The Keter exiles, who had lost their country, also came to the region. It was then that the 13th Legion, "Griffin" of the Norman Empire, suddenly rebelled and blew the trumpet of unrest.

The Norman Empire was, at this time, ruled by Empress Catherine Norman. On the advice of her brother, Prince Nicholas Norman, she sent her best legion, Second Legion "Fetorem," from the North to the West to quell the unrest.

On one of the rainy summer days in the south of Norman, the rebels who were attacking the city were beaten by the sudden appearance of fresh troops.

"Here we come, Second Norman Legion 'Vetorem.' We see the enemy, and we are about to win!"

"The safety of the Empire depends on our courage and our swords and shields! We will win this battle. Charge!"

"How could 'Vetorem' be here?! Quick! Retreat! Save your strength!!! Retreat!!!!"

"The northern border is 450 miles from Cerriato, and it took them 9 days to cover it in the middle of a rainstorm! What speed..."

The Norman Empire's forces were brought to bear on the battle against Shaliki and the country was shaken to its core. The story of the Second Battle of Cerrado began...

Border Conqueror is now available on DLsite for $8.83 (estimated from ¥1,320). A demo can also be downloaded from the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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