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Nemesis’ succubus managing simulator and visual novel, Succubus Girl, is available on Steam.

Succubus Girl is an SCP-like adventure where a researcher must tend to a strange girl in a greenhouse. Our protagonist Leo landed a high paying job at the Abel Biotechnology company. His supervisor, a beautiful but stern woman, assigned him to a laboratory designed like a greenhouse with a naïve girl named Gaia. For research, Leo is meant to feed Gaia his semen every so often, dress her up, and play naughty games with her. As this routine continued, the pair grew closer but there was something more to this relationship. After meeting Gaia, Leo kept having the same recurring dream, but what could this dream mean?

Each day, you decide how you want to spend time with Gaia. Take care of and develop a romantic relationship with her by fulfilling all of her needs. You also have the option to explore the facility to uncover what is really going on in this place, but some truths may be too hard for Leo to accept. The game has thirty-four basic CGs, over three-hundred fifty variations, and fourteen endings. Some of the adult content featured includes blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, paizuri, bondage, and tentacles.

Researcher Leo was told on his first day at the institute that he needed to look after some mysterious creature—an innocent girl who fed on semen... There seemed to be more to the girl's secret than that, but no one wanted to reveal the maddening truth.

◆Game Features

◆34 basic CGs, including more than 350 differentials and 4 motion CGs

◆Game text: 100,000

◆One main female character and four secondary female characters

◆SCP Foundation theme, Cthulhu-style game

◆Group sex, tentacles, and gory contents included

◆Game endings: 14 types (including a true ending)

You can purchase Succubus Girl on sale from Steam for $10.19. After October 31st, the sale will end and the game will return to its regular price of $11.99.

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