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The Heroines' Last Anthem, an action platformer by LUM Studio, has been published by Mango Party and G-lair on Steam.

The Heroines' Last Anthem is a fantasy action platformer following three heroines in their final, desperate attempts to save their world. The demon god has manifested. Uniting the orcs under his rule, he began a march, leaving nothing but destruction in the wake. Loyal to their goddess, the three maidens rose to the challenge of stopping the orc legion, each with her own task to fulfil.

The game features three playable heroines with which to challenge a set of combat platforming levels featuring monsters, secrets, and bosses. The playable lineup is composed of the valkyrie Rela Hjavif, elven archer Ialantha Olona, and the legendary ranger Ewella Trewin. Each heroine possesses unique skills which can be upgraded using gold found throughout the levels and by defeating enemies. There’s a total of 15 animated CGs in the game, as well as over 30 hidden events and locations to discover.

Use the abilities of three different heroines to protect your home and save the world from the sinister orc army!

- 2D fantasy sidescroller with controller support!

- Play as three beautiful heroines and defeat the forces of evil with help from several cute female NPCs.

- 15 animated CGS, 30+ hidden events+locations to unlock!

- Venture through all sorts of terrain and uncover the countless secrets hidden in the map!

- Avoid traps and collect coins to upgrade your skills and overcome obstacles!

- Face off against Orcs, Insectoids, Cursed Zombies, Dark Emissaries, and their formidable bosses!

The Heroines' Last Anthem is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.99 until October 26th, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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