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The third installment in Guilty’s demon hunting eroge, Nightmare x Vampire - Inferno of Retribution, is available on MangaGamer.

Nightmare x Vampire - Inferno of Retribution is the third game in the Nightmare series. Each game follows the exorcist sisters Setsuna and Yuka Shindo as they investigate hauntings and demonic activity. This is a standalone story — you do not need to play Nightmare x Sisters - The Sacrifice of Lust-Hell or Nightmare x Onmyouji - Paradox of Forbiddance to enjoy this game.

The new heroine of this game is Rei Kizuki, a demon hunter who has descended from a line of Romanian vampires. Since the vampire blood wasn't very prominent in her, she was indistinguishable from any ordinary human. After the death of her parents, she took up the wooden sword her father left behind and vowed to put an end to the demons that stood against her family. When she gets a lead on their whereabouts, Rei also meets the Shindo sisters and their childhood friend Toma. Even though her approach to hunting demons differs greatly to theirs, they share a common enemy. Eventually, they learn to cooperate and open up to each other.

Rei Kizuki

A 2nd Year Student and granddaughter of a Romanian vampire.

Having lost her parents at a young age, she was passed around between various relatives before setting out on her own. Being the type who doesn’t let her emotions show, people often say she’s hard to read. Her penchant for silence doesn’t help with this impression.

Having eventually discovered that demons were involved in her parents’ deaths, she has since traveled the country in search of information. The wooden sword she carries is a memento of her father, who was a master swordsman, and it never leaves her side. Her vampire blood is quite weak, and while it has no effect on her day-to-day life, she has a tendency to avoid direct sunlight.

Perhaps surprisingly, she has quite the sweet tooth

Setsuna Shindo

A second-year high school student.

She transferred to this school a bit before Rei did, but they find themselves sharing a dorm room just the same. She’s always bright and chipper, gets along easily with people, and also opens up quickly to almost anyone.

Her physical skills are sharp, as she’s been training in martial arts from a young age. While she appears to be a normal schoolgirl, she is actually an exorcist, having previously used her fighting skills to defeat many demons.

She has overcome many unspeakable ordeals, and continues to fight to the best of her ability.

Yuka Shindo

Setsuna’s older sister.

Aside from her duties as a Sister of the church, she is an exorcist like Setsuna. While her demeanor is gentle, even motherly, her power as an exorcist is unrivaled, having previously banished numerous demons.

Unlike her sister, she isn’t the sporty type, and fights by channeling her inner spiritual energy into ranged attacks. Yuka too has suffered many times at the hands of the demons, but continues to fight for the good of mankind.

You can purchase Nightmare x Vampire - Inferno of Retribution on sale from MangaGamer for $w6.95. When the sale ends the game will return to its original sales price of $29.95.

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