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Li Quo’s Erotic Life, Xian's visual novel and adventure game, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Li Quo’s Erotic Life is a life simulator following the titular heroine, Li Quo. To her, relationships with men are a game in which she gets what she wants by satisfying their desires. It was always a mutual agreement between the two parties, which she never saw anything wrong with. Her best friend, Bai Li, didn’t understand her lifestyle, yet she continued to stay by Li Quo's side regardless; however, Bai Li always looked as if she had something she wanted to tell her, but never did.

When Li Quo reached a position in a government agency through her personal methods, she met more talented and valuable celebrities that she could even make use of. After doing more games of exchange, she thought she finally reached a point in her life where she would be satisfied and have everything she wants, only to be left feeling empty instead. Players will get to follow the story of Li Quo, as she loses control of not only her life, but also her personal values.

In Li Quo’s Erotic Life, the choices you make will affect how other people perceive Li Quo, as well as your ending. Players will have to text and stay in contact with people to gain their trust and approval. If you're ever lost about what to do next or need help, choose the “think about it” option to get a tip.

◆ Gameplay

This is a first-person adventure game (AVG) in which the player takes the role of Qi Luo, the heroine, to deal with different men.

There are many choices in the game. Every choice will influence other roles’ opinions of the heroine, affecting the final ending.

Every day, before going to sleep, you can send a text message to a character to gain favor, and you can choose to think to get the next tips.

Moreover, those seemingly ordinary choices can also bring players a new perspective to view the story and discover a new world.

◆ Game Features

◇ 17 basic CG, including 200 differential graphics

◇Game text: 95,000 words

◇ One main heroine, one minor heroine

◇Game ending: 7 types

You can purchase Li Quo’s Erotic Life on sale from Steam for $5.94. After October 24th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $6.99.

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