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Moving Day 2, a bara visual novel by mystery zone games, is now available for purchase through their Patreon.

Moving Day 2 is a bara mystery visual novel originally developed for the Barajam event. Rather than being a sequel to mystery zone game’s original title, Moving Day, it shares a similar premise: someone new moved into the neighborhood, and something about them seems off.

Readers follow Steel, a fit young man who’s recently been training for a marathon. During his last practice session, Steel lost his keys during his last running session. Distraught, he ends up knocking on the door of his new neighbor. Steel had never met them before, making him all the more surprised when the neighbor opens the doors almost naked.

The man introduces himself as Whit. Despite having just moved in, he's already fully furnished his apartment, though the place looks oddly devoid of personality. He helps Steel by borrowing his phone to call for a locksmith; however, as the issue is resolved, Whit starts behaving unusually. He offers Steel a shower, to which the young man accepts. Upon leaving the shower, he’s treated to a surprising, intimate, and brash showing of Whitley’s entire body.

Dive into the gripping world of 'Moving Day 2,' the immersive visual novel game that beckons you to uncover the truth about your enigmatic neighbor. As you step into their peculiar house, you'll quickly realize they're harboring tantalizing secrets that beg to be unearthed.

With an insatiable curiosity and keen observation skills, you'll navigate through a web of intrigue, piecing together fragments of information and solving puzzles along the way. Each choice you make will influence the unfolding narrative, drawing you deeper into the tangled mysteries surrounding your neighbor's past.

As the story unfolds, you'll forge unexpected bonds, confront unforeseen challenges, and perhaps even find empathy for the one who seemed so elusive. 'Moving Day 2' is a thrilling journey into the unknown, where every interaction and decision brings you one step closer to the heart of the secret they've been guarding.

Moving Day 2 is now available for PC, Mac, and Android on mystery zone games’ Patreon at the $10 tier. A demo of the visual novel can also be downloaded from

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