If you build it, they will cum

Dungeon’s Legion, Lunasoft's dungeon defense game, has been published on Steam by Kagura Games.

Dungeon’s Legion is an RPG where you develop a dungeon and capture the heroines who venture inside. In the game, the Goddess of Chaos has reincarnated you as the Demon Lord, so that you can successfully lead the Forces of Chaos against their enemies: the Forces of Order. While your army starts off with little more than Reina, the priestess serving under you, and a few goblins, you'll soon be able to hire more monsters for your dungeon, such as ogres and daemons.

Dungeon’s Legion features multiple difficulty levels for players to tackle. Those more interested in the story can try the game's easy mode, while those looking for a challenge can test their strategic intelligence in HELL mode. The gameplay involves building up your dungeon into an unbeatable fortress, protecting it from the intruding heroines. In the dungeon, you will be placing your troops in the most ideal locations to attack the heroines. When the heroines have been weakened, they can be captured, corrupted, and coerced into joining your side. If you fulfill some special conditions for a heroine, you can also change her into different outfits.

A Strategic Dungeon-Defense RPG

Defend your dungeon through strategic planning and careful troop placement.

Multiple Difficulties

Enjoy the story on Easy mode or test your mettle on HELL mode. There's an option for everyone.

Multiple Heroines

The game boasts a large cast of heroines to capture. After fulfilling certain conditions, you can even customize their outfits.

All DLC Content Included

All DLC content such as additional heroines are included in this release.

You can purchase Dungeon’s Legion on Steam for $19.99 and on sale from Kagura Games for $15.99. If you plan to buy the game from Steam, you will need to download an uncensored patch from Kagura Games' website.

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