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OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone, Big Elbow’s RPG Maker game, has been published on Steam by Mango Party.

OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone is a turn-based RPG following a girl searching for her missing mother. Long ago, a titular Over Devil wrecked havoc throughout the land, with peace only being restored when she was defeated by eight Chosen Ones. Each of the heroes bore a Sacred Artifact that disappeared when the Over Devil was vanquished. Years later, the artifacts reappeared as Sacred Stones, signaling the Over Devil’s return.

When Lola, a young girl living in a port village, finds out that the gemstone her mother left behind is actually one of the Sacred Stones, she believes this could be the clue she needs to find her. Together with her new friend and fellow Sacred Stone holder, Lilliane, she sets out on an adventure to find the rest of the Sacred Stones and find out what happened to her mother. The stones will grant them the power they need to defeat the Over Devil and save the world. It's uncertain whether Liliane use her powers to stop the Over Devil, or otherwise be consumed by her own powers.

OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone features over sixty characters, each with their own portraits, and one hundred and ninety sets of basic CGs. For battles, you will need to use the energy points you earn to improve your characters’ skills. Whether you win or lose battles, you will unlock different storylines that show the consequences of each outcome.OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone has two endings, which are determined by the player’s choices. Each of the main characters can also develop and change by the end of the game.

- Dive deep into the lore in this epic, masterfully-crafted JRPG

- Interact with more than 60 lovingly-crafted characters. Besides common NPCs, all characters have their own unique portrait.

- Outskill the enemy in turn-based battles, where energy points are used to enhance your character. Build a balanced party to harness the unique skills and battle styles of each main character.

- Listen! The main storyline is supplemented with voice acting for battles, and a variety of other titillating sounds are voice acted as well.

- Peruse 190 sets of basic CGs, with no repeated CGs or storylines and tons of porn content... Whatever you're into, we've got it!

- Watch unique storylines after winning or losing boss battles and live with the wonderful/terrible consequences!

- Enjoy the plethora of animated H-scenes!

- The story has two different endings, and thus unfolds in two very different ways. Based on the player's choices, each main character can evolve into various final versions of themselves.

You can purchase OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone on Steam for $14.99.

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