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Short RPG Maker Game Magical Girl Shizuku! Now Available on DLsite

Magical girl shizuku!, N&R's action game about a magical girl, has been released on DLsite.

Magical girl shizuku! is a short action eroge made by N&R, who also developed NTR Kunoichi Ayame ~Retrieve the secret book of the village!~. Shizuku Amemiya is an average high schooler who was on her way home to watch her favorite anime until she came across a “strange talking cat.” The creature called itself a lewd fairy, offering to turn her into a magical girl if she made a contract with him. Expecting she would get a cute outfit and magical powers, Shizuku agreed, only to receive a skimpier version of her school uniform and a metal baseball bat. Under the lewd fairy’s binding contract, she has no choice but to fight monsters and other evil creatures.

Shizuku can only equip two attacks at a time. Players start with the metal bat and lewd fairy at their disposal, but will gradually receive more attacks as they progress through the game. Gameplay in Magical girl shizuku! involves blasting down hordes of monsters, in order to progress through the game's three stages to reach the final boss. When moving around the map, a sprite of Shizuku will appear on the right side of the screen; if monsters attack her, her health will deplete and clothes will be torn off of her sprite. If players find that the sprite takes up too much space on the screen or is otherwise too distracting, it can be disabled.


One day, a certain girl is forced to make a contract with a mysterious creature and becomes a magical girl.

This is a story about a comical struggle with a mysterious creature to restore one's peace.


It consists of 3 stages (forest, school, ruins) + 1 (final boss battle), mainly metal bats, magic swords, and familiars? of

We will use our full power to defeat the approaching monsters.


This is a top-down action game.

There is no concept of levels or money.

Basic functions such as switching standing pictures, skipping text, hiding text, moving diagonally, and constantly dashing are also included.

Play time is approximately 1 and a half hours.


Changes due to armor break from standing picture (4 stages in total)

Each of the 4 stages has a defeat ending, and an extra sexual harassment episode in the epilogue.

You can purchase Magical girl shizuku! On DLsite for 110¥ ($0.73). There is also a short demo available to download on the store page.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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