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Onigokko, a lighthearted harem adventure by Makai "A" Business Office, is now available for purchase on DLsite.

Onigokko is a lighthearted story that takes place in a world where the oni used to be at war with humans. The conflict between the two races ceased once a disease struck the oni, making them unable to conceive male offspring. The sudden turn of events led the remaining oni women to start establishing relationships with humans. This eventually led to the creation of a new festival, during which a freshly-matured man begins chasing after various female oni, challenging them in mock battles with an erotic twist.

The player takes the role of a recently matured human inhabitant of the oni village, who’s asked to participate in the festival by the village chief. Players are tasked with meeting the five heroines as part of the festival, with the goal being to defeat them in the festival fights.

The game's festival fights are turn-based, with players having to whittle down the durability of the heroine’s clothing, between an upper and lower section. After each attack, the player is given a short clue on the opponent's next move: maybe they’ve risen their weapon or lowered their stance. Based on these descriptions, the player selects a direction to block in, allowing them to avoid damage on a successful read. Finally, the heroine ends up naked following these combat exchanges, a short QTE plays out in which the two consummate their relationship.

More erotic content for each heroine can be unlocked by participating in minigames, which increase their likability and unlock new dialogue alongside erotic encounters. There are four minigames with three difficulty levels each.

Onigokko includes 9 erotic battle images and five short, fully-colored erotic manga to unlock. Some elements of the artwork are animated using Live2D.

Onigokko is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $8.60 (estimated from ¥1,287), where it will later cost $9.55 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo is available on the store page.

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