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Tensei Games has published Appetite’s visual novel, Our Little Secret! Heart-Pounding Idol Sex! Forbidden Lessons with the Manager, on Steam.

Our Little Secret! Heart-Pounding Idol Sex! Forbidden Lessons with the Manager is a visual novel developed by Appetite, which follows the secret affair between an idol and her manager. Months ago, Imai Shunsuke was left with no job or home. He lost everything he owned and had no one to turn to, until he was approached by a man around the age of fifty. As it turned out, this man was the president of a production company, who was interested in hiring Shunsuke as the manager for one of his idols. Little did he realize, this opportunity would turn his life around for the better.

When Shunsuke became the manager of the popular idol, Akane Hiiragi, his life quickly became hectic, as well as far more fulfilling than it was before. While Akane was best known for her charming smile and how friendly she was with staff and other performers, making her very easy to work with, she started to change. After one of Akane’s on location shoots, Shunsuke noticed that she was acting differently. Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed listless. While waiting outside of her tent, Shunsuke is suddenly pulled inside by Akane, wearing nothing but her underwear.

This is a low-priced practical erotic game.


- 15 separate CGs (Over 90 CGs in total!)

- 15 H-scenes

- Japanese voice acting for the main female character


- You can have the same experience as the protagonist.

- Two endings

- CG Gallery Mode

- Scene Replay Mode

You can purchase Our Little Secret! Heart-Pounding Idol Sex! Forbidden Lessons with the Manager on sale from Steam for $12.59. After October 19th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $13.99.

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