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Criminal Border 1st Offence, an episodic drama by Purple software, is now available for pre-order on JAST USA.

Criminal Border 1st Offence is a dramatic story about an illicit business which begins with Ninomae Itsuki’s accidental invention. The young man is a shut-in otaku who spends a lot of his spare time splicing videos known as MADs—music anime douga—for the internet. The videos compile scenes from various anime synced up to music. In one of his editing attempts, Itsuki decided to splice popular hentai animations together into a MAD. The end product ended up so effective in causing arousal in viewers that it ended up being nicknamed an ‘electronic drug’.

Having always been unpopular at school, Itsuki decides to show the video to a girl as a form of revenge for how he’s been treated. He ends up playing it for Rink Akinashi, whom he's known since a young age. While it proved to be effective on her as well, it leads her to share a secret with Itsuki: she has connections to the criminal underworld, and she wants them to start a business using such ‘electronic drugs’.

As someone from a rich family, Rin inherited an obsession with generating wealth; she’s already been commandeering a Papakatsu scheme with other schoolgirls. She’d set up girls with older men for money. Itsuki’s classmate, Yorozuya Hina, is one of her workers, and secretly has a crush on Itsuki. Rin also introduces Itsuki to Teshigawara Kotoko, another classmate, and a daughter of a Yakuza boss. She gets them permission to conduct their new business, suddenly throwing Itsuki into the world of crime. Through the first part of the trilogy, the team prepares plans for their activities while Itsuki grows closer with Hina.

No one cares if a geeky loser like me exists or not...

Itsuki Ninomae spends his time creating tacky fan videos which require no particular skill to make. One day, through a combination of coincidences, he accidentally creates a “digital drug movie,” which has the power to stir sexual arousal in anyone who watches it.

I wonder what’d happen if I showed it to the one who always looked down on me?

A malicious urge possesses Itsuki.

Itsuki succeeds in showing his video to Rin Akinashi, a girl he has known since his youth. However, he also learns the secret hidden behind the straight-A student’s mask.

Rin puts forward a proposal: “A lucrative business using the digital drug.”

Escort services, debauchery, murky legal waters... Itsuki finds himself being swept away into an underworld that should have had nothing to do with him.

Criminal Border 1st Offence is the first of three episodes in the series. The title is now available for pre-order on JAST USA for $11.99, where it will later cost $14.99. Currently, the title is scheduled to release on November 13th and will also be available on Steam and Johren.

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